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Korindo is a modern Japanese martial art (gendai budo) that combines classical jujutsu, traditional weaponry, and the early teachings of Morihei Ueshiba. Although referred to as a style of aikido, Korindo is a unique martial art based on Hirai Sensei's understanding of body movement (taisabaki). Korindo's taisabaki consists of seven basic forms or kata that are practiced both solo and with a partner. These unique taisabaki can be practiced empty-handed or with a sword, short staff, or spear. The ultimate goal in the diligent study of Korindo's taisabaki is to express the natural seamless flow of movement and ability to apply technique from any position or situation. Grounded in Hirai's unique understanding of the circle, Korindo's taisabaki stress proper rotation of the hips with the coordination of hand and foot movement.

Almost unknown to most aikido practitioners, Korindo aikido is distinct in its use of small circles, quick movements, and striking (ateme). Minoru Hirai developed Korindo as a means of effective self defense, grounded in the concepts of martial tactics (heiho), but expressed naturally. The name "Korin" was derived from a Buddhist scripture (Kannonkyo) and means to spread the light. As one develops martial ability, one also develops as a human being. Through the endless pursuit of self mastery, "we must look for a correct, natural, and peaceful way to live." (Quote: Minoru Hirai, taken from an interview with Aikido Journal in 1994).