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Hanbo: The Aiki Way, Second Edition

The hanbo is an extremely practical and versatile martial arts weapon. This three-foot long staff is the perfect size to be used as a self-defense weapon in today's urban environment. Any medium-sized, stick-like object, such as a cane, umbrella, or golf club, can be used as a hanbo, making it an unobtrusive as well as a practical weapon.
John Goss Sensei applies his extensive experience with Aiki arts to teaching a dynamic and highly effective method of using the hanbo. The principles of Aiki add a flexibility to the use of the hanbo, which makes it much more effective as a self-defense weapon.

Clear and detailed step-by-step explanations show how to perform the techniques and how to apply the principles of Aiki. Students of the Aiki arts will enhance their training by learning to use a hanbo to perform familiar techniques in new ways. Practitioners of other kobudo arts will find that the principles of Aiki add a new dimension of effectiveness and excitement to their hanbo training.

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This second edition is completely revised and expanded, with additional techniques and street scenarios. The all-new photographs, more detailed explanations, and revised format make it easier for martial artists to learn to use this dynamic and practical weapon.
ISBN 0-9745603-2-4


"John Goss has developed a method of weapons practice absolutely in
harmony with Aikido technique and principles. The Hanbo allows the
use of both two-handed and one-handed techniques, thereby offering
greater versatility than almost any other weapon. Goss offers a a range of
techniques rooted in traditional weapons usage, but, like Aikido empty
handed methods, quite adaptable to modern urban life in a way that
sword and staff are not. The practice forms are quite accessible to any
individual with a modicum of experience in just about any style of
Aikido—and will easily lead the dedicated practitioner into further
research of their own."

— Ellis Amdur, author of Dueling with O-sensei

"Now in a revised second edition, Hanbo The Aiki Way is an in-depth guide by 6th degree black belt John C. Goss to self-defense with the Hanbo - a three-foot long staff, though in the modern urban environment any medium-sized, stick-like object such as a cane or an umbrella can be improvised to serve as a hanbo. Hanbo The Aiki Way specifically applies techniques and principles connected to Aiki arts to using the Hanbo to protect oneself. Methods for self-defense against open-hand attacks, knife attacks, and bokken (wooden sword) or jo (staff) attacks are all depicted step-by-step with black-and-white photographs. The text is sparse and directly to the point, and the movements and actions depicted are intended as a starter point, allowing for an infinite number of combinations as needed. The principles of the Aiki way - do not match strength against strength, but rather focus on yielding to, redirecting, and controlling the force of the opponent - are ideal in a dangerous world where there is always someone bigger and stronger than oneself. Goss' years of experience in both practicing and teaching Korindo Aikido show through clearly in this superb supplementary resource useful for both dedicated martial artists and lay people studying basic principles of self-defense."

Midwest Book Review

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