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Hanbo: The Aiki Way, Second Edition

The hanbo is an extremely practical and versatile martial arts weapon. This three-foot long staff is the perfect size to be used as a self-defense weapon in today's urban environment. Any medium-sized, stick-like object, such as a cane, umbrella, or golf club, can be used as a hanbo, making it an unobtrusive as well as a practical weapon.
John Goss Sensei applies his extensive experience with Aiki arts to teaching a dynamic and highly effective method of using the hanbo. The principles of Aiki add a flexibility to the use of the hanbo, which makes it much more effective as a self-defense weapon.

Clear and detailed step-by-step explanations show how to perform the techniques and how to apply the principles of Aiki. Students of the Aiki arts will enhance their training by learning to use a hanbo to perform familiar techniques in new ways. Practitioners of other kobudo arts will find that the principles of Aiki add a new dimension of effectiveness and excitement to their hanbo training.

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Hanbo pictures

Pictures of techniques using the hanbo, or three-foot-staff